In 2008, a year after completing my studies in Photography at NMMU, my business name was originally JULIE RANDELL PHOTOGRAPHY and then with marriage, 
my name changed to Robertson. So, I'm leaning toward JR PHOTOGRAPHY these days.

I have since become a mom ( <3 My daughter is 4 now ),
and so specializing in Wedding and Event Photography seemed like the wise, uncomplicated thing to do. I often enjoy the odd family shoot, when possible.

My Photographic business (which I previously conducted full-time from our home premises) was not only a business but a hobby and passion. There is something therapeutic about putting your thoughts down onto paper, computer, film or even a Compact Flash card. In my case, not in a verbal way but visual. This is a lot more difficult to accomplish than to write a letter. To get your thoughts arranged and interpreted visually or ‘created realistically’ is quite challenging and I can honestly tell you that everyday I learn something new in my field.

I like to think of my style as classic documentary and ‘in the moment’. I think of all my sitters as two year olds, you cant really tell a two year old what to do, you just have to wait it out, the right shot is there.. you just have to find it. 
Photographing a wedding (to me) is like reading a love story, you can anticipate the ending and have an idea of how it should play out, but in the end there are always cute little quirks that need to be brought to light on their own. I like to let my Bride and Groom just be in the moment and refrain from too much interference. 

There are incredible talents in the Photographic field in Port Elizabeth. This is my 8th year in the Industry and I really feel so lucky to have come this far. I do hope that there will be many more successful years to come. Currently I am studying again, with a love for children, I inevitably ended up following suit, as did my mother, aunt and late grandmother. Teaching is wholeheartedly in my blood. But photography will always be one of my many loves. A girl can have more than 1 right? 

(*Update: I have since qualified as a Foundation Phase Educator, after 5 years studying part-time. I was lucky enough to accept a Foundation Phase teaching post at a well known institution in Port Elizabeth, on a full-time basis. 
I will however, still maintain my portraiture and look forward to assisting all my ongoing, loyal clients.)